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Search a phone number and identify who called you by searching database of over 10,000,000 records.

What is Identifynumber.com?

Identifynumber.com is a free reverse phone lookup database for people who have encountered calls and texts from unknown numbers. These types of number databases help protect many people from being targeted by scammers. Every year, thousands of people lose money to phone scams, and our goal is to help prevent that from happening.

In other cases, it helps to identify telemarketing and political calls, which are less dangerous, but annoying.

What are the most searched phone numbers?

People search for many different phone numbers, but the most popular ones are those belonging to various marketing companies or used by scammers. It is more dangerous when scammer call, pretending to be company specialists. Especially in these cases, phone number databases such as "identifynumber.com" can easily help identify suspicious calls.

What information do we provide?

In most cases, the information is provided by our users who encounter such calls. Also, each number stores certain information set by regulation. Our database includes numbers assigned to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). This means that we can provide details about the phone number type, registration location, service provider, etc.

Some numbers do not have this type of information because they are not associated with any specific area. These are mostly toll-free phone numbers.

How can you help identify phone numbers?

Each of us can help others find information about the phone number they are looking for by filling out the reports. In the report, you can define what type of call or message you received and share your experience. You can also share information about when and how many times you encountered this number or describe the caller.

Please do not ignore and share the information, because every detail can be important in helping to avoid dangerous calls.

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